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I believe there are times when children, like adults, can benifet from seeing a professional therapist. Attending thearpy sessions can help develop confidence, problem-solving skills, and to instill the notion that it's ok to ask for help when you need it.


After 28 years of experience as a school counselor, I am abundantly familiar with the myriad of issues affecting children today. Weather it's peer conflict, anger management, anxiety, self-esteem or school issues, my sessions with your child will focus on guiding them through.


With all the necessary facilities for play therapy with children ages 4-6, I feel very comfortable working with children in this way. They typically respond to these methods and are compliant with therapy. I look forward to helping your child realize their potential and feel better about him or herself.


As a mother of three and having been through those turbulent years of personal struggle and growth with my children, I understand the complex nature and broad range of issues that adolescents may face and the potential effects that those issues may have on their future.


Therapy sessions are a discreet and confidential way for teens to get the help they need with a wide range of issues including depression, over/under eating, thoughts of suicide, dealing with divorce or separation, ADHD, sexual issues, anger management, self-esteem issues, chronic illness, and others.


I offer an empathetic ear and an understanding attitude without being harsh or judgmental. I realize that teens often communicate better when busy so I incorporate experiential therapy involving art and role-playing.


The multiple roles and responsibilities we must face as adults often come with unwanted stress and confusion. While we all must confront these issues, sometimes the healthiest thing to do is to ask for help.


Weather it's work, family, friends, marriage, children, money, a tough personal choice, or a serious personal issue, counseling sessions enable you to talk about your thoughts and feelings in a nonjudgmental and supportive atmosphere.


I feel that establishing a rapport with the client is of utmost importance. A strong therapeutic relationship is built on trust and respect. I tailor make every session using theories and counseling strategies that work best for each individual situation. I know that each case is different and will work with you to help you develop a renewed sense of awareness and empowerment over your life.


For a relationship to be successful, each partner needs to be committed to looking for new ways of solving the problems that arise. Couples counseling helps to develop greater closeness, resolve conflict, and generally strengthen a relationship.


How do you know if couples counseling is right for your relationship? Some of the signs that therapy may be a good idea include negative communication, lack of sexual interest, arguments or differences that can't be resolved, infidelity, or an overall lack of chemistry.


I provide a relaxed environment so that couples can hear their voice, address the issues, and begin to heal. Imago therapy is my therapy of choice for couples. 


Issues within the family can be especially intense and stressful. Because the family is a unit, each member's individual situation has an impact on the functionality of the family as a whole.


Examples of some issues faced by families are: adoption, parenting skills, family planning, blended family issues, step-parenting, health related problems, mental health issues, and mental retardation.


Before many family issues can be resolved, the dynamics of the family need to be observed by someone objective. There are so many emotions involved in the family of origin that often a therapist is needed to help sort through the perceived complexity of these issues. I offer family counseling for families in need of new direction or just a clearer understanding of each others role in the family. 


Group therapy sessions are geared towards addressing the issues and concerns of a several people at the same time. There are many different scenarios where group counseling may be beneficial. For more information on group therapy sessions, contact me using the form on this site or call me at 864-316-5910. 

“I have been seeing Mrs. Compton for 23 sessions. My daughter drives me from Easley, sometimes twice a week. I have to say she is a wonderful person and therapist. I'm so thankful she came into my life when she did. Mrs. Compton is my first therapist and she has made me feel very comfortable and easy to open up too. I have been through a lot since July. If it had not been for having Mrs. Compton as my therapist and feeling so comfortable,  I'm not sure where I would be at this point."


-Anonymous Client

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